Our Exotic Animal Patients

What sets our veterinary services and animal hospital from the other animal hospitals in NJ is our experience and knowledge with non-traditional pets. We are an exotic animal veterinarian—dedicated to providing compassionate care for all exotic animal pets.

At Nautilus Avian and Exotic Veterinary Specialists (NAEVS)—before NAEVS became a top-notch vet for exotic animals—it took years of veterinary services experience—such as handling, diagnosing, and treating exotic animals.

Although we are veterinary specialists in NJ—not all of our exotic animal pets patients come from New Jersey—some of our patients come from outside NJ, too.

NAEVS have the ability to make an accurate and quick diagnosis, offer better treatment options, and better predict the outcome.

Your exotic vet animal hospital visit with Nautilus Avian and Exotic Veterinary include an overall review of diet—caging at home and an overall physical and mental examination of your pet.

NAEVS—a top-notch vet for exotic pets provides you recommendations if needed and provides you with your exotic animal pets information handouts specific to their situation.

There are some cases that require extensive consultation for specific issues like behavioral problems. But there’s no need to worry because we provide such veterinary services.

Exotic Animal Pets Patients We Treat


NAEVS has years of experience in caring for and treating dozens of kinds of birds. You can bring in your feathered friend to our animal hospital and receive treatment from our highly trained vet for exotic animals.

Small Mammals

If you have a smaller pet mammal—you need to know how exactly you can meet their needs. Our veterinary services include scheduling a checkup with us for your small mammal pet.

We treat all types of small mammals— including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, hamsters, rats, and more.

Reptiles and Amphibians

NAEVS is a vet for exotic animals guiding reptile or amphibian pet owners on the type of food to feed them—what kind of cage you need, give them the kind of care they need—and more.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about taking care of your reptile or amphibian pets.


Exotic fish—especially tropical fish aren’t the easiest fish to keep—they live in a more fragile ecosystem. They require a lot of maintenance and supervision.

With a variety of species of swimmers—it’s harder for fish pet owners to understand how to take care of their pet fish—or determine whether the fish is sick. NAEVS have taken care of lots of different species of fish in the past few years—we can help you in taking care of your pet fish!

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