Nautilus Avian and Exotics Veterinary Specialists, led by Dr. Jeff Applegate, is a veterinary hospital that provides specialized care and treatment for a wide range of exotic pets in New Jersey.
NAEVS provides diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical services, as well as counseling on nutrition, behavior, and general care.


Who we treat

Small Mammals

We treat all types of small mammals— including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, hamsters, rats, and more.

Avian (non-poultry)

Our doctors have years of experience in caring for a range of avian species. Some of our most common visitors include African grey parrots, cockatiels, budgerigars, cockatoos, macaws, and amazon parrots. Parrots & toucans, pet songbirds, falconry raptors, and ratites (i.e. emu, ostrich, etc).

Avian (poultry)

Chicken, turkey, pheasant, peacock, guinea fowl, quail, and waterfowl; limited to pet and hobby birds.


The team at NAEVS is equipped to handle many reptile species, from the smallest leopard gecko to the largest python.  We also see amphibian species including frogs, toads, axolotls, and others.

Non-venomous lizards and snakes, turtles and tortoises, amphibians (i.e. frog, toad, salamander, etc).

Aquatic Salt and freshwater fish and invertebrates

Pond calls, Koi Pond visits

Honey Bees

For after hours and emergent care:

Garden State Veterinary Specialists
1 Pine Street
Tinton Falls, NJ 07753

Dr. Applegate and the staff of Nautilus work closely with the doctors and staff of GSVS to help prepare them for dealing with emergency conditions of exotic animals. In advanced or complicated cases, the emergency doctors of GSVS can consult Dr. Applegate by phone with questions, as needed.

After Hours Emergency

Emergency Care Service For All Exotic Pets

Veterinary services offered by Dr. Applegate of Nautilus animal emergency hospital works with professionals who specialize in veterinary services for exotic pets NJ owners have.

Dr. Applegate and all the medical staff work hand in hand to help prepare them for dealing with the emergency conditions of exotic animals.

We are an emergency animal hospital that can respond to your needs quickly for any advanced or complicated cases Call us anytime for any of your emergency needs.

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